Display units

Airport tax free shop display units

Brands: Courvoisier, Macallan, Famous Grouse & Highland Park

Airports: Stockholm Arlanda, St.Peterburg Pulkovo, Moscow Sheremetyevo & Domodedevo


courvoisier arlanda courvoisier pulkovo 1 courvoisier pulkovo 2 courvoisier sheremetyevo 1 courvoisier sheremetyevo 2 courvoisier sheremetyevo 3 macallan domodedevo macallan pulkovo 1 macallan pulkovo 2 macallan pulkovo 3 macallan sheremetyevo 1 macallan sheremetyevo 2 courvoisier svo 01 courvoisier svo 02 courvoisier svo 03 

La Biosthetique

Throughout Estonia

Custom display units

2014 – current

La Bio De Sol La Bio Navy La Bio OKsalon La bio Parnu 1 La Bio Parnu 2 La Bio Viimsi 1 La Bio Viimsi 2 
custom made lead

Custom made

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Here is a selection showing the diversity of our work.

custom 01 Tiina7 Custom 02 jewellry Custom 03 Stockholm custom 04 ETG custom 05 coc custom 06 Kohtu10 custom 07 art custom 08 tabasalu custom 09 valgametsa custom 10 kakumae WP_20160203_09_58_15_Pro 


Designed by Peter Sampson.
Inspired by Christine Keeler.
The upholstery is individually hand produced to order using traditional corsetry techniques and materials and is offered in a range of fabrics including Silk brocades, Leathers and synthetics.
2002 – Current

I-basque-01 I-basque-02 I-basque-03 
custom sofa

Custom upholstery

Eames 1 archer tuomas h rococo embroidery P01 helsinki speaker picture frame rob1 rob2 pouf bedhead 
restore lead

Restoration & reupholstery

restore01 1965 restore02 1980 restore03 1976 restore04 1960s restore05 M restore06 VP restore07 SV restore08 swiss restore09 CE SAM_0663 

Coffee unit

Mobile unit for a Nespresso coffee machine

Design and prototyping


x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 
Frog lead


Designed by Peter Sampson

A smaller seat ideal for bars, night clubs and cafes


I-frog-01 I-frog-02 I-frog-03 
cactus stool


Designed by Peter Sampson


cactus stool 

Raven guitar

Designed by Peter Sampson

Built by respected UK luthier Nathan Sheppard it features an ergonomic body shape, fine timbers, 32 fret thru’ neck and Floyd Rose bridge

2002 – 2004

I-raven-01 I-raven-02 I-raven-03 I-raven-04 I-raven-05 I-raven-06 I-raven-07 I-raven-08 I-raven-09